Acoustic Revive SPC Ref Tri C Speaker Cable (6 Metres) (Un-terminated)


PCOCC-A conductor

PCOCC-A is an annealed version of PCOCC (mono crystalline high purity OFC) that was designed by Dr. Atsumi Ohno, – a Professors of Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan.
The annealing process is necessary for any material to be used as an audio cable. However, these materials are affected by this process, introducing unwanted impurities into the crystal grain structure. PCOCC does not have crystal grain therefore, there is no possibility of impurities being introduced during the process. PCOCC maintains its high purity even after the annealing process converts it to PCOCC-A, and the crystal structure gives the best conditions for uniform directionality.
PCOCC has hard single crystal, but once annealed and converted to PCOCC-A, conductivity improves and the material itself becomes flexible making it easier to use.

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Domination of solid single track cable

Most speaker cables on the market consist of a multi-strand wire conductor which is made by many twisted thin wires. (Also Litz type speaker cable is made up of a group of multi-strand wire conductors)

Due to stranded wire conductor being flexible and easy to use, most speaker cables on the market are made with a stranded conductor, however, multi-strand and Litz type wires generate stray current called “Strand jump phenomenon”.

This straying current causes incidental sound and distortion in the signal transmission and is the cause of impurities and gradation of sound.

SPC-REFERENCE uses a solid single-core structure in which the straying current is not theoretically generated.

This allows a signal transmission extremely faithful to the original source without the incidental impurities in sound and distortion.

In addition, flexible handling is achieved, by examining and improving the cable structure closely, we also achieved excellent flexibility.




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